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Wild Honey


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From the richest resources of the dense forests of the Western Ghats,  this wild honey from giant Rock Bees (Apis dorsata) uniquely found at high altitudes(above 2700 m)  is rich in nutrition and sought for its medicinal properties and health benefits. Rock Bees are masters of combs 6 feet long and 3 feet deep. They are ferocious and difficult to rear making this honey to be rare. Tribals located in the Periyar Tiger Reserve, Thekkady provide this pure wild honey trough the Eco- Societies, the genuine quality assured by the Forest Department. We provide you this unique and rare wild honey in its purest natural form. It is not processed and without additions of chemicals or preservatives. Directions for storage and use: * do not heat. * transfer this rich honey into clean and dry glass containers for storage.  * It is absolutely safe for use even if traces of wax and natural substances may be found within, as this honey is packed in its purest form to prevent nutritional losses. * Being in its purest form,  it is natural for honey to form crystals.  In such cases,  keep the glass containers with the honey out for melting under sunlight.* in cases on the slight difference in taste or presence of sourness,  naturally warm the honey in the glass container under sunlight.

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