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Cumin Seeds 250 Gm


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Premium quality spice with quality and freshness guarantee.The cumin plant grows to 30–50 cm (12–20 in) tall and is harvested by hand.

Gujarati              જીરું

Hindi                  जीरा

Malayalam         ജീരകം

Punjabi              ਜੀਰਾ

Tamil                  சீரகம்

Telugu                జీలకర్ర

Arabic                 كمون [kamun]


Cumin is a spice originates from the Cuminum cyminum plant. It is native to Africa, Asia, and Europe. Anyway, people all around the world use it to flavor meals.

Cumin is particularly popular in North African, Asian, and Latin American cuisines.

In India, cumin is cultivated in almost all the states, but leading states are Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Tamil Nadu

It is an essential ingredient for many mixed spices, chutneys, chili and curry powders.

It finds fit with rice dishes like Biryani, Pulao and Indian vegetarian dishes like ‘Jeera Dal’ and ‘Jeera Rice’ etc…

It gives a warm flavour and works especially well in stews, soups, and curries.

The fruits looks seedlike and can be used whole or ground as a spice. Its distinctive aroma is intense and strong, and its taste is warm as well as reminiscent of caraway.

Cumin was widely used as a home medicinal item and is still an important ingredient in traditional medicine in some places. 

Even though cumin is commonly used for seasoning savory dishes, we can use this healthful spice in sweet recipes, too.

A major medicinal role played by Cumin is in lowering total cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein, or “bad cholesterol”, and triglycerides, as well as higher the levels of high-density lipoprotein, or “good cholesterol”.

Noted improvements in several symptoms, like stomach pain and bloating, helps in losing weight, improving digestion and immunity.

In addition to the listed health benefitsresearches shows that cumin may boost the human immune system as well as help fight against certain types of fungal and bacterial infections.

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